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what am I doing here?

So I am looking to create a new WP site over on This site will be heavily using custom post types, custom taxonomies (tags and categories) and custom fields. I have started to look around for a user friendly free plugin allowing me to create these custom types and fields without any hassle.

There are already quite a lot of plugins that promise to do exactly this or part of anyway. But do they actually work as promised, are the developers actively pursuing the development and the support and can they be improved.

In my search for this perfect plugin I have been going back and forth between several plugins, starting over again and again, and forgetting why a certain plugin which looks so promising at the beginning actually does not fit the bill, only to discover it again and again.

So instead of going over the same things again and again, I decided to blog about as much as a personal memory note as a help to anyone out there.